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2018-06-24 14:56
        如果你认为凡是现代化的采暖设备,都是科学的、环保的、节能的使用的,那么你就错了。例如燃油、燃气暖炉来说,虽然是一种现代化的采暖设备,对于燃油、燃气的泄漏,虽然有自动报警和关闭装置,但由于电子设备无法做到100%的可靠,如果泄漏点不是在检测区域,或因风力等原因泄漏浓度在检测点达不到报警停机的标准以及供电系统故障等,自动报警和关闭装置都将无法正常工作。  在你外出必须停炉时,千万不要忘记将系统的水放掉,否则将可能冻坏管道和储水箱。家用燃油、燃气炉在工作时需要大量的氧气,我们为了节能关闭门窗时,它除了与我们争夺室内有限的氧气外,还造成了局部地区的空气污染,如果整个地区都是使用家用燃油、燃气炉采暖,人们就会处在一个相对空气比较浑浊的地方,人们的健康将受到危害。 
With the continuous development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for material life. In the cold winter, air conditioning is not only necessary. Now let's analyze the heating method of the new electric heater from the scientific Angle.
If you think that all modern heating equipment is scientific, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, then you are wrong. Such as fuel, gas heater, though, is a modern heating equipment, for fuel, gas leak, although have automatic alarm and shutdown devices, but as a result of the electronic equipment can't 100% reliable, if the leakage points are not in the test area, or by reason of wind leakage concentration in testing point are not up to the standard of the alarm downtime and fault in power system, automatic alarm and shutdown devices will not work properly. When you go out and have to stop the furnace, don't forget to release the water from the system, otherwise it may freeze the pipes and the storage tanks. Domestic fuel, gas furnace at work requires a lot of oxygen, us close doors and Windows to save energy, it except for indoor limited oxygen with us, also caused the regional air pollution, if the whole area is the use of household fuel, gas furnace heating, people will be in a relatively more turbid air, will be harm to people health.
It is very difficult to clean the burner and pipeline of fuel oil and gas furnace. Tap water for home use is "hard" water rich in minerals. We cannot soften the water in the system like a heating company to keep the boiler running long without scaling. It is also impossible for us to add scale remover to water regularly like small and medium-sized boilers, to clean ourselves and remove the dirt. Then we can only use regular cleaning, which is really a very troublesome and difficult thing for the family. In the heating system, because the pipe is mostly non-corrosion-resistant steel pipe, the radiator is also made of cast iron or steel products. The corrosion is aggravated by water at high temperature, its service life will be greatly shortened, safety will be reduced, and maintenance cost will be greatly increased.
Suitable for household heating gas boiler and electric boiler, although alternative thermal efficiency, safety and environmental protection are not very ideal gas cainuanlu, but at present the product type and variety of single, energy consumption is the fatal weakness, their equipment capacity, power supply capacity of a single family and the whole building power supply capacity is needed to have scientific data basis. In particular, the combination of heating water and domestic hot water is difficult to avoid scaling under the condition of water quality hardness, which will affect the heat conversion efficiency and the service life of the system.
The new electric heater avoids these embarrassing problems and adds the most suitable temperature to your home.